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Why Work for Us?

Here are a few of the principles that make ACCC stand above the rest:

Learning & Development
Learning & Development

We seek career-minded individuals that value ongoing learning opportunities through training and development.

Fair Compensation
Fair Compensation

Fair compensation and benefits allow employees to focus on their work.


Anyone can have an idea that MOVES THE NEEDLE, and COMMUNICATION allows those ideas to be shared.

Dedicated Career Path
Dedicated Career Path

Our dedicated career paths foster long-term employees.

What We Believe

Every employee is valued and makes a contribution

  • We believe in the creativity of our employees.
  • We believe every employee is valued and makes a contribution.
  • We believe that ACCC must be a place our employees are PROUD to work.
  • We believe that teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.
  • We believe that good employees seek improvement through training and development.

Your Future at ACCC

Our career paths foster long-term employees

The continued success of our company depends on our hardworking, career-minded employees who are dedicated to providing the best product and customer service in today’s non-standard insurance market.

ACCC employs over 500 people with skills in the Automobile Property and Casualty industry. Our team of professionals include property damage, bodily injury, and litigation adjusters; field appraisers; underwriters; clerical staff; call center representatives; actuaries; managers; accountants; marketing and sales staff; training and development staff; IT technical support; software developers; human resources; attorneys and paralegals. Additionally, we offer on-the-job training for our adjusters, appraisers, underwriters, and marketers.

“When you become part of the ACCC Team, you become part of the ACCC Family.  ACCC continuously strives to be a place that each person feels proud to work at, knowing that they are supported by co-workers and management to do and be their best in providing professional and ethical service to all of our customers.”

Jack Ikenaga

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  • It’s extremely powerful to work for a company that invests in you and not only your career path but your personal development. When you are surrounded by team members who are sharp, innovative and passionate, it is easy to love what you do.

    Valued ACCC Employee since 2010
  • My experience as an ACCC employee is positive. I’m appreciative of achieving upward mobility quickly and progressing through a variety of held positions. The overall work culture is family-oriented, peers genuinely work as a team, and are committed to accomplish common goals. I go into my work space feeling comfortable and cheerful. My contributions are acknowledged and valued, which is an important part of why I love what I do and who I work with.

    Valued ACCC Employee since 2011
  • When I first started working for ACCC, I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to make a positive impact in the company. But with the support of my leadership, I found myself influencing change within the first six months of my employment. As an experienced manager who values having an influential voice, I knew right away that I had made the right choice in working for ACCC!

    Valued ACCC Employee since January 2019
  • I started with ACCC in the Claims Department as a Property Damage Adjuster. From the first day I was welcomed and made to feel like part of a family. I know from first hand that this Company does reward hard work. I am a prime example of that as I was able to be promoted from a Property Damage Adjuster to a Bodily Injury Adjuster. I was then given the opportunity to go into Management as a Supervisor then Manager and now Director. Throughout my time here I have been challenged and gained more experience than I can ever express. Anyone willing to learn, put in the time and energy can succeed in this Company.

    Valued ACCC Employee since 2009